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UC&D 2016 Outstanding Small K – 12 Project

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Utah School for the Deaf and Blind

Owner/Developer: DFCM / USDB
Architect: Jacoby Architects
General Contractor: Wadman Corporation
Electrical Engineer: ECE Consulting
Structural Engineer: TBSE Inc.
Mechanical Engineer: WHW Engineering
Civil Engineer: Meridian Engineering
Landscape Architect: Landmark Design

This visually stunning $13 million, 50,000 SF building has several unique innovations for its students. Sand Loop Copper Tape Flooring (AKA Hearing Loops) were installed to enhance sound for deaf students. The hearing loop is a wire installed in the floor and connects to a sound system that transmits sound electromagnetically. The electromagnetic signal is then received by the telecoil in the hearing aid, cochlear implant or a receiver unit. Wayfinding design was essential to the blind student’s experience. Tactile boards were installed varying in shape and touch for each classroom to differentiate spaces. Red was used prominently throughout the building as some blind students are able to see the contrast of the red against the white brick walls. Each door, stairwell and elevator was painted red so exits/entrances were easier to establish.

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