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In The Trenches

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With autumn quickly drawing to a close, crews from Salt Lake-based Kilgore Construction were busy putting the final touches on a $1.7 million, federally-funded project at the Wasatch Boulevard (SR-210)/ Little Cottonwood Road intersection, aimed primarily at improving public safety.
Those measures include a redesigned intersection, 2,500 ft. of new asphalt paving, and a concrete barrier to prevent northbound traffic on Little Cottonwood Road from turning left onto Wasatch Boulevard. The interchange should be a particular benefit to the local cycling community, given the recreational popularity of the east bench road that connects the mouths of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.
Project Superintendent Hugo Zagal of Kilgore said the asphalt surface is comprised of open-graded friction course (OGFC), a type of mix that contains an unusually small portion of fine aggregate (sand), creating a pavement with a relatively large percentage of air voids. Benefits of OGFC include permeability for better surface drainage/reduced hydroplaning and a higher degree of friction. Zagal said there was no sand in this particular mix, just 3/8 in. aggregate.
Along with a new signal, striping and signage, crews placed approximately 900 tons of asphalt on the federally-funded project in a two month schedule, slated to conclude the first week in November.

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